How to Support Us

We ask you for your help and financial support. First achievements have shown that our concept of the children's home is working. Meanwhile the first children are going to high school or have found employment!

We want to give more children a new and a better prospect. That is why we ask you for financial support for the development of our new children's home!

There are two ways of sponsorship: either through a one time (or recurring) financial donation or you become a personal sponsor for one of our children.

We are also still looking for craftsmen (like brick layers, electricians), for example from Germany, who would work for several weeks in Veracruz and who could be supported by you as our sponsor (flight approx. € 1.400, lodging approx. € 50 a day)

Create something that lasts: a better future for a small human being We are small but effective.

We keep our administration expenses at an absolute minimum. We guarantee our contributors that all donations will go for a 100% to the children's home project. We focus on the centre of our project with about 50 children to care for.

What will my sponsorship do for a child?
With a sponsorship you help finance to enable a child to attend school (with teaching materials and a school uniform) and receiving three meals.

Am I informed about the progress of a sponsored child? If you wish, we will inform you on a regular basis about the development of child you sponsor. You can write and even visit the child. This way you experience first hand what your help is bringing about.

How much will sponsorship for a child cost? 25 Euro a month - that is only 83 cents a day.


Donation Account:

La Casa de las Estrellitas e.V.
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Konto 112 578 729
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