Our Objectives

Mexico is a beautiful and rich country but also a country of stark extremes. There is a small enormously rich upper-class and a large potential of poor population. The well to do middle-class is only marginally existent.

The urban force of uneducated workers is dominating by far. They lead a poor existence as day labourer, street vendor or house employee. Even child labour is the rule.

The lucky ones can call a modest home their own. However, countless dwellers live on the periphery of the large cities in illegal settlements, the ciudades perdidas, the shanty-towns in shacks made from corrugated iron, wood and cardboard.

Most of the families live in cramped spaces under great poverty, have lots of children, quite a few of them with multiple disabilities, and are illiterate. The money hardly lasts to survive let alone for tuition, teaching material and the obligatory school uniform. A good education is nevertheless key to a better future!

This vicious circle of poverty needs to be breached. In our opinion we can and we must start with the children in the hope that they will understand what school and accordingly education means for the future. We want to give these children a chance.


Our relief project zooms in on the slums of the million-strong city of Veracruz. We would like to open another children's home in a further slum of the city, in La Pochota, to make daily school attendance possible for at least a small group of children.


In the children’s home the children get regular meals, which however are linked to regular attendance. For every child we pay for tuition, teaching material, as well as the school uniform.

Experience shows that this concept works out as we recently concluded our first children’s home project in Bocca del Rio/Veracruz successfully. The handover of the home took place to a local group who will manage it in our spirit.